Radiator Fan Control Kit for High Current Fan

Radiator Fan Control Kit for High Current Fan

Part # 102006

Price: $ 145.99 USD

Inventory Status: Avaliable

Adjustable radiator fan control kit - comes with complete wiring harness for ease of installation.

This kit is supplied with everything needed for wiring up one high power radiator fan, including:
- Heavy duty 10 AWG wiring harness with 60A fuse and high current relay (6' from battery to fan)
- 8' temperature sensor wiring harness
- Adjustable control module with range from 140F to 220F
- OE Style 3/8NPT temperature sensor
- Accessories including terminals and wire ties

Benefits of the HPC Fan Control Kit:
- More reliable than temperature switches or radiator probe systems
- Easy to integrate with factory or aftermarket A/C
- Compatible with manual override switch
- OE style 3/8" temperature sensor
- Solid-state microprocessor controlled
- Built in Power and Status LEDs in module

Perfect for removing belt driven fans and switching to electric fans for better cooling performance, reduced engine drag and improved power and economy.
An excellent upgrade from old temperature switch controlled fans as found on many 70s and 80s vehicles.
A clean, integrated solution for hot rods.
Wide range of adjustment makes this module great for race vehicles.

Other temperature sensors are available that are compatible with this kit. Please see our selection of temperature sensors for more details.

The fan control module is available in other configurations for one or two fans, or as just a module and wiring pigtails. See our other items for these kits.

Refer to the documentation below or contact us for more information.

1 year limited warranty.

Additional Documents

HPC Fan Control Kits - HPC Fan Kit 102002-102007.pdf