The HPC Methanol injection controller provides variable flow rate control for methanol / water injection systems utilizing a high pressure injection pump. It is intended for turbocharged or supercharged applications.

Using the vehicles MAP sensor voltage as a input, the controller allows for low methanol flow rates at lower boost pressures and increased flow rates at higher engine loads to ensure optimal ratios and performance.

-Tuning is made easy with just two adjustment knobs

-Compact size of 2.3 x 1.7"

-Includes wiring harnesses and wire terminals for easy installation

-Supplied with instructions

The power indicator LED on the front panel doubles as a circuit status display, alerting the driver to disconnected sensor input wires and broken or shorted pump wiring for additional peace of mind.

This controller uses 2 wires to measure sensor voltage unlike our competition that uses one. This way the HPC controller can account for possible ground offset voltages and get accurate readings every time.

Includes a ground triggered low fluid level wire which will turn the green indicator lamp to amber to notify you of low fluid level. This can be connected to a level switch or in some cases directly to your OEM windshield washer fluid low level switch.

The controller may also be used as a simple on/off control for those that do not desire variable flow rate but want the convenience of in-cabin and on-the-fly control.

Available for 2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 bar MAP sensors as well as a 2-5 volt universal model. Custom min and max voltages are available, contact us for details.

This kit includes the controller, a switch, wiring harness and terminals. It does not come with a pump, tubing, fittings or reservoirs.

Installation Manual: HPC Methanol Injection Controller Instructions

1 Year Parts Warranty

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Water / Methanol Injection Controller 2.0 BAR

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